Limak Lara Deluxe Hotel & Resort,

Bergama king Attalos II ordered his warriors: ‘Go and find me paradise on Earth!’ after which his warriors wandered all over the world in order to fulfil his order. When they came to Antalya and saw the unique beauty of this place they thought to themselves: ‘Here is the Paradise’. The city which was built in those times and called Attalia, today will also let you feel yourself as if in the paradise.

Our Limak Lara Hotel working in order you, our dear guests, could spend an unforgettable holiday in Lara district, Antalya, which is a real natural wonder combining the most beautiful sun, sea and blue sky, started rendering services amidst the picturesque beauty of Mediterranean nature in 2006. Our hotel with its Far East concept is located right at the seaside and offers unique pleasure to you.