During winter season, all football fields, the dimensions of which are mentioned below, are at the service of both local and foreign professional teams.

• 45×90    – A Semi-Professional Field  

• 22×45 – A Training Field For Goalkeepers  

• 17×50    – A Training Field  

• 70×50 – A Small Field 

• 65×105  – A Professional Field    

Price packages which depend on the number of people in the team and their accommodation period are provided by our Sales and Marketing Department. Services included into football packages :

• Massage Room  

• Stock Room

• Laundry Service For The Uniform  

• Sauna / Bath / Fitness Centre

• Unlimited Water During Trainings  

• At The Restaurant – Special Table Reservation For The Team

• A Special Opportunity For Teams  

• On The Floors – Special Treatment To

• To Stay On The Same Floor  

• Tea + Coffee + Biscuits And Fruit


Andere Sportarten und Aktivitäten

You can enjoy other activities and sports during your stay at Limak Limra Hotel.

• Tennis 

• Fitness 

• Chess

• Billiards