A la Carte Restaurants

• Revan Restaurant (summer)

This a la carte restaurant offers special dishes from rich Turkish cuisine. It is open from 15st May until 15st October.
Working hours: 19.00-21.30

• La Cucina Restaurant (summer-winter)

You will always remember special Italian dishes and wine of high quality offered to you in this A-la Carte restaurant. 
Working hours: 19.00-21.30

• Sushi & Thai Restaurant & Indian  (summer-winter)

This is a restaurant, in the wonderful atmosphere of which selected dishes from Japanese and Thai cuisine are served. 
Working hours: 19.00-21.30

• Gringos Restaurant (summer)

This a-la carte restaurant serves dishes which represent combined tastes of Southern States of America and Mexico.
The restaurant is open from 15th May till 15st October.
Working hours: 19.00-21.30