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Swimming Pools

In Atlantis hotel there are 5 separate swimming pools, 4 water slides and 1 indoor pool, total area of which is 4.500 m2, in order to provide such extensive pool areas and a sufficient number of swimming pools in the hotel, double-level pool system has been applied here. Besides, there are many Jacuzzis in the pool areas where you can spend time with your families. While strolling in this sunken city you will suddenly come across a Stalactite cave. This cave, which was built so skillfully that it looks absolutely real, is greatly admired by our guests. If you want to swim and sunbathe in a peaceful atmosphere far from animation, which takes place in the pools surrounding the hotel all around, or while enjoying your drink in the hammock to read a book in the shade of trees and listen to birds’ twittering, you can escape to our Relax Pool.

•Hotel Pool •Pool with Jacuzzi •Mini Club Pool •Animation Pool •Indoor Pool


Water Sports

In unserem Hotel gibt es ein Wassersportzentrum, in dem Sie alle motorisierten oder nicht motorisierten Wassersportarten ausüben können. Fallschirm, Banane, Jet Skies, Surfen, Segeln.

*** Alle Wassersportanlagen unterliegen nicht der Verantwortung und Kontrolle unseres Hotels.



Wonderful sketches and shows prepared by our animation team which consists of a European champion in archery, national swimmers and professional dancers from such countries as Tunis, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Russia, South Africa and Venezuela attract great interest.


• Boccia

• Darts

• Archery

• Shows



All equipment of our Fitness centre, which renders services 12 months a year, conforms to the demands of professional sport teams which have many training sessions especially in winter months. We offer our guests an opportunity to stay healthy by keeping fit in the company of our professional instructors.

• SULTAN OF THE DAY In your luxurious pergola located at our beach, you can enjoy food and beverage service rendered by our special personnel all day long. Guest Relations Department will help you with the reservation.


Activities For Children

In our Children’s Club in the company of animators with special education your child will have an opportunity to develop his / her creative abilities, to cook, to paint a T-shirt, to make statues from playing dough, and in the evening to present performances prepared during the day after which he/she will go to a special disco for children. Limak family gives its word that your child will not have a moment to say ‘I am bored’


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